Our Unique Acquisition Criteria

We’re not your average private equity firm.

Typical “acquisition criteria” focus on financial metrics and industry participation. In most cases, the owner, management team, and employees are almost an afterthought – but in our experience, a greater focus on strong leadership and a committed team can improve a company’s competitive standing and alter its financial trajectory.

At AAKEN Holdings, we start by getting a firm understanding of who you are as a business owner and what you strive to accomplish for yourself and your team. We then focus on the company and its unique combination of resources that make it more, or less, successful in its respective industry. As we move step-by-step through the acquisition process, financial metrics are our final consideration.

AAKEN Holdings Acquisition Criteria


Our acquisition process is quick and effective. If you have tried to sell and failed, are involved in a sale process, or are simply considering a transition, we can step in to discuss what you want to accomplish in an ownership transition.


We first assess your company’s dynamics to identify opportunities for sustaining value, including infrastructure, people, culture, and processes. We want a firm foundation to build on.


We then evaluate your company’s past financial performance. At AAKEN Holdings, we consider both companies with sound financial performance and those that are struggling.


If there is a mutual interest in a transaction, the business terms will be negotiated and documented for each party to sign prior to a deeper due diligence process.

Look toward a bright future for your business